Financing with PEW


We have capital available to build or re-finance Feed-in Tariff wind projects up to 5MW. We can help Developers and Landowners to get their consented projects built, and we can purchase operating projects that are already built.

Our financial partner is one of the largest institutional investors in the UK – with over £100 billion in assets under management – while also recognised as a market leader in the UK’s small/medium scale renewable energy markets. We have jointly agreed a set of standards and processes which enable us to quickly assess 500kW wind projects and then finance them. Together we believe we provide the very best means of completing 500kW projects with speed and certainty.

Getting full operational value

As a project progresses its value rises. There are three main step-ups in value and our payment structure is designed around this to ensure that you always receive the true value of your project.

We buy the project, and make a payment at each of the three steps as they occur:



If your project has already been built or has been operating for a year or more you will receive the sum of the payments due at that time.

Project suitability & process

We are happy to consider projects that can use Enercon or EWT turbines. Gamesa can also be an option.

Value increase_suitability

  1. With planning consent and connection offer (or even before for an initial review)
  2. Already in construction with pre-accreditation
  3. In operation with one year (or longer) of operation.

PEW needs to undertake a thorough review of each project. This is done at our own expense and will typically take a week. Each project must be sound on planning, electrical connection offer, and land title as well as accessibility for equipment. We will also assess the speed with which the project can be built. Our review may identify work that is still to be done in order to make the project finance-able. We will cover all of the costs. Once the project goes to our financial partner and they will typically require 15 working days or less to commit to all the capital.

Next Steps

Please call us or email us for a discussion. This will allow you to raise any questions you have and will allow us to understand a little more about your project and your objectives. If it looks as though further discussions are worthwhile, we will arrange a meeting as quickly as is convenient for you. Contact Us