Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you pay me?

It is completely dependent on your project; how windy the site is, the type of turbine, the grid connection costs, the construction costs, and if there are any planning conditions that need to be discharged. We will consider these items, plus others, and will then provide you with an indication of project value within a couple of days.

How do I know that I’m getting good value?

We believe that together, PEW and our financing partner provide the most competitive source of finance currently available in the FiT scale wind market.

The way that our financing is structured means that the final purchase price will always accurately reflect the true value of your project. This is because the third payment is made after a year’s operation when the true value of the project can be properly established.

What happens if the project is not as windy as expected?

If it is windier than expected, then there will be an additional upside payment. Once your project is operational, if it is not as windy as expected, there will be no repayment required.

Can I keep an equity stake in the project?

No, a requirement of our financing partner is that they assume 100% long term ownership of the project.

For Landowners, we will expect to enter into a lease agreement. We will pay an annual rent linked to project output if desired, but this will naturally reduce the upfront capital payments. The choice is entirely yours.

Who pays the financing costs?

Our financing cost element to cover legal and due diligence fees is built into the project valuation. You are responsible for any fees required for third party work and your own transaction costs, if any.

How do I know you’re going to deliver?

PEP has taken over 50 projects though construction to operation for various partners and clients, including several 500kW projects. We know what is needed to take a project all the way from the drawing table to an operating asset and have experienced people on hand to help you do it too. Our financial partner is one of the largest institutional investors in the UK – with over £100 billion in assets under management.

How long will it take?

An initial indication of your project value can be provided to you within a couple of days. Following this, a project appraisal and checking that the necessary documentation is in place by us will take approximately one to two weeks. This will then be passed to our financing partner to complete their due diligence, which will take around a further two weeks. At this point a formal intention to buy your project will be received. PEP will work with you throughout this time to ensure the project is ready for financing and that the financing process is completed swiftly.