Rapid Health Check

The Issue

Investment professionals see every day what study after study confirms – that over 50% of wind turbines fail to achieve their potential output, and hence revenues.

It is common for whole projects to underperform against the original investment case. Some by a little, some by a lot.

Within a project, healthy turbines often mask the negative impact of far less healthy turbines. It is easy to overlook chronic underperformance, particularly in large projects. But if the causes can be identified, informed action can be taken to improve overall project performance.

The Report

Managing data on this scale is beyond the scope of routine reporting, and requires specialist expertise, techniques, software and codes. Our process reveals insights that may otherwise stay hidden.

The Report comes in two parts:

  1. A concisely written non-technical description of the overall health of the project, focused on economics and potential improvements.
  2. A technical analysis of high resolution SCADA data, in the form of a presentation. This is heavily populated by graphics setting out the detailed technical analyses that drive the conclusions, along with an audit trail.



The only wind project health check specifically for investment professionals with a 10-day delivery.

You can now take steps to dispel doubts very effectively and quickly. This is through a report based on high definition SCADA data taken directly from your project – this data exists right now. You can have it turned into a health-check report inside 10 working days. The report is specifically for investment professionals who want to get straight to the heart of the business issues.

What Happens Afterwards?

First, you will be able to discuss any aspect of the findings with one of the authors, normally by video conference, to give you absolute confidence in the conclusions and
a clear view on subsequent remedies.

The review will set a pathway for immediate performance improvements that can be acted on by you and your team, with or without our continuing support. If there is a need to investigate specific problem areas in more detail, this will be clearly identified and the likely economic benefits will be stated. Then, we can undertake these further investigations (“Deep Dive”) and draw out further improvement actions.

Should you wish us to undertake the project improvement actions on your behalf we can manage the process until you get a healthy project. Through more than 25 years of industry experience we have built the follow-on tools and systems that you can use to take things further with us if you choose.