Hydrogen in Japan

As we all enjoyed a relaxed Boxing Day last December, some significant activity was taking place in Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a keynote speech on Hydrogen, putting the use of the energy carrier at the heart of a national strategy:

“The Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society…In Namie Town, a hydrogen production project of the world’s largest scale, using renewable energy with zero CO2 emissions, started last summer. In 2020, this clean hydrogen made in Fukushima will be used for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will show the world a new aspect of Fukushima’s recovery as a ‘Reconstruction Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The hydrogen is produced using power from a 20MW solar PV project, but Japan has a much wider scale of activities going on. The aim is to provide large scale storage and transport for renewable energy, and widen its use to vehicles.


2020 is close, so this coming-of-age of everyday use of hydrogen is welcome news for renewable energy worldwide.