National Grid forecast lowest summer electricity demand ever

Mostly due to increases in embedded solar PV of 2GW, weather corrected forecast dropped by 900MW from 2014 to 2015. It looks like this trend is set to continue. Add in more use of LED lights and higher efficiency appliances and electricity use could tumble in the coming years.\r\n\r\nHowever, the system experiences huge swings in demand from the most unexpected sources.\r\n

Wimbledon Men’s Final 7th July 2013, Murray Vs Djokovic

\r\nAs the tension builds with Murray breaking serve, an audience of 17.3 million gather around TV sets, the electricity demand drops 220MW, and then a further 800MW. Murray wins, and following his acceptance speech, demand jumps 430MW, then 630MW at the end of the trophy presentation, 270MW after the ‘walk of glory’ and a final 280MW as the BBC coverage comes to an end. In total an increase of 1610MW in demand over a 25 min period. This is in stark contrast to the steady increase in demand seen over the same period on the previous Sunday.\r\nMaybe if we could manage that better, we wouldn’t need so much spare capacity and energy would be cheaper!\r\n\r\n