Capital, Asset Marketing, M&A

Through our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated subsidiary, Pure Energy Ventures, we help clients and partners to recycle capital by helping make assets ready for sale, and then marketing them effectively. We also help new ventures – whether projects or companies – get access to the capital they need.

We typically operate in the range €3m to €50m but have worked with investors on transactions up to €200m.

We are currently assisting large financial investors to acquire wind and solar projects in the UK and Europe and are interested in projects and portfolios that might be available.

What we target

Niches matter to Pure Energy Ventures – we work in industry sectors where we have the relevant experience, knowledge and contacts. In particular we focus on:

What we do

Project and portfolio transactions

Our focus is helping asset owners and potential asset buyers achieve mutually beneficial outcomes by providing advice on the disposal or acquisition of projects and portfolios. We have worked on both sides of transactions and so understand the requirement and expectations of both stakeholders.

On the Buyer’s side, we can work to source projects and the provide technical and commercial due diligence during the acquisition, as well as inputs for financial models and assist with technical and commercial know-how. We can also provide assistance during negotiations, if required by the Buyer.

On the Seller’s side, we can prepare the asset for sale by providing a pre-sale check to ensure all the required documentation is available, highlight potential issues and then approach the market, soliciting and shortlisting potential buyers. We can also undertake the sale negotiations on behalf of the seller.

Our people have worked with investors of all types in Renewable Energy for over two decades, so we understand their needs and demands. This allows us to help build the comprehensive support package that is always required, but also the compelling business case that needs to ring true.

Building up businesses

More broadly, we advise investors on how to invest in the renewables sector. We provide guidance to companies and individuals on:

If we like the idea then we will put together a proposal to take it forward. This usually involves helping to develop a coherent and well supported business plan, considering strategic partnerships and gauging interest from a wide pool of investors in the sector. Pure Energy Ventures works with clients on a long term basis – the intention being that we take a long term interest in the growth, development and success of our clients.