Pure Energy Ventures


Pure Energy Ventures Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure Energy Professionals. It is a corporate advisory firm that focuses on the renewables and clean technology sector.

Its activities are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What we do

We advise companies on:

We also advise investors on how to invest in the renewables sector.


Niches matter to Pure Energy Ventures – we work in industry sectors where we have the relevant experience, knowledge and contacts. In particular we focus on:

The Pure Energy Ventures Process

We approach each assignment in a bespoke manner – we don’t have a set in stone business process that we follow.
Our first goal is to understand the client and their business and carry out an assessment of the business opportunity:

If we like the idea then we will put together a proposal to take it forward. This usually involves helping to develop a coherent and well supported business plan, considering strategic partnerships and gauging interest from a wide pool of investors in the sector. Pure Energy Ventures works with clients on a long term basis – the intention being that we take a long term interest in the growth, development and success of our clients.