UK Wind 2016 – Resource Review

2016 has proven to be a challenging year all round for the UK wind industry.

For some, this has been compounded by outputs over the period from UK wind assets being significantly below expectations, which has been caused by consistently below average wind resource in what would normally be very productive months of the year.

During the year, monthly wind indices indicate that the wind resource in some months was as low as 80% of what would typically expected – resulting in energy outputs in those months in the region of 65% of what would usually be reached.

The graph below shows three countrywide wind indices, normalised by month during 2016:


There was a nationwide division in some months, starting with generally higher than average wind resource in the early part of the year for England and Wales, whilst it was lower in Scotland. However average wind speeds were lower across the board through spring, and most importantly, a long way below average in the last three months of the year, especially in England and Wales. This was with the exception of Scotland, which showed a late rally (and major disconnect with the rest of the UK) during December.